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TSP Symposium 2008 Proceedings and Presentations

September 2008 Presentation

Presentations and official proceedings of the Third Annual TSP Symposium held on September 22-25, 2008


TSP Symposium


Presentations and official proceedings of the Third Annual TSP Symposium held on September 22-25, 2008.

Sessions and presentations included:

  • TSP Symposium 2008 Proceedings
  • Accelerating CMMI Adoption with PSP/TSP, James McHale, Tim Chick, Noopur Davis, and Gene Miluk
  • Applying TSP to Distributed Teams -- Challenges and Experiences, Rajan Seriampalayam
  • Certifying Software Organizations, Watts S. Humphrey and Bill Nichols
  • Critical Success Factors for TSP/PSP Adoption in Consumer Software Companies, Jim Sartain
  • Dealing with Resistance: Tools of the Change Warrior, Bill Nichols and Alan Willett
  • Delivering Successful Projects with TSP - Best Implementation of the TSP, Radhika Janardanan and Jeffrey Smith
  • Deploying TSP to a Nation: Early Results from Mexico, Bill Nichols
  • From Both Sides Now – TSP from Within & From Just Beyond, Susan Weaver
  • How Do You Bring Process Discipline to a Team?, Anita Carleton and Tim Chick
  • Integrating CMMI, TSP and Change Management Principles to Accelerate Process Improvement, Julie Switzer and Orville Starnes
  • Lessons Learned in SEI Blended Learning, Phil Miller
  • Preparing Undergraduate Students for Industry’s TSP Needs, Rafael Salazar
  • Speed Bumps on the Implementation Highway, Dan Wall
  • Taking the Functional Out of Dysfunctional Teams, Lana Cagle and Mark Femal
  • The Victim Trap, Watts S. Humphrey
  • TOWA’s TSP Initiative: The Ambition to Succeed, Yuri Ontibon and Miguel Serrano
  • Transforming Process Quality Index (PQI) into a Process Performance Model, Ricardo Garza
  • TSP-Agile Showdown, Alan Padula
  • TSP and Formal Cause Analysis, Orville Starnes
  • TSP National Initiative, Ivette Garcia
  • Uses of Monte Carlo Simulation for TSP Team, David Webb, Jim Van Buren, David Tuma, and Robert W. Stoddard (No File)