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CMMI for Services V1.2 (Traditional Chinese)

February 2009 White Paper

The Traditional Chinese translation of CMMI for Services V.1.2.


Software Engineering Institute


Please note that current and future CMMI research, training, and information has been transitioned to the CMMI Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University.


CMMI for Services, Version 1.2

CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) is a model that provides guidance to service provider organizations for establishing, managing, and delivering services. The model focuses on service provider processes and integrates bodies of knowledge that are essential for successful service delivery.

CMMI-SVC provides best practices that service providers can use when they

  •     Decide what services they should be providing, define standard services, and let people know about them
  •     Make sure they have everything they need to deliver a service, including people, processes, consumables, and equipment
  •     Get new systems in place, change existing systems, retire obsolete systems, all while making sure nothing goes terribly wrong with the service
  •     Set up agreements, take care of service requests, and operate service systems
  •     Make sure they have the resources needed to deliver services and that services are available when needed-at an appropriate cost
  •     Handle what goes wrong-and prevent it from going wrong in the first place if possible
  •     Ensure they are ready to recover from potential disasters and get back to delivering services if the disaster occurs

適用於服務的CMMI 1.2版(正式中文版)



  •     決定應提供何種服務、定義標準的服務並讓他人知道這些服務
  •     確保在交付服務時具備所需的東西,包含人員、流程、耗材與設備
  •     適當取得新系統、調整現有系統、淘汰過舊的系統以確保服務不出錯
  •     訂定協議、處理服務需求並營運服務系統
  •     確保具備提供服務所需的資源,並在符合成本下準備好這些服務
  •     盡可能在第一時間處理錯誤並預防錯誤
  •     確保做好從可能的災害中復原的準備,以便在災害發生時恢復服務的交付