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Lessons Learned Adapting an Existing Architecture in a Changing Business Landscape

May 2010 Presentation
Arthur Wright

Arthur Wright describes the order management and routing system of a major Swiss bank and the lessons learned through the making of a number of architectural changes in the organization.


Software Engineering Institute



This report briefly describes the order management and routing system of a major Swiss bank, broaches some of the architectural changes that we made, and discusses the valuable lessons we learned as we faced up to a variety of people and technical challenges. Intended to replace an end of life, mainframe-based solution, the system had already been three years in the making when the assigned architect decided to move on, along with the entire user interface team. As a result, the majority of the team was fairly new (including its architect), and team collaboration was a crucial ingredient for a successful endeavor. We had to change the architecture to correct missed or partially implemented quality attribute requirements (e.g., throughput, service times, and availability). At the same time we had to satisfy pressing business demand for new features, which also brought architectural changes in the form of new interfaces. 

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