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Using the Corporate Management System to Communicate Architecture Knowledge and Reduce Technical Debt

May 2011 Presentation
Einar Landre, Harald Wesenberg

This presentation from SATURN 2011 presents a case study from Statoil ASA.


Software Engineering Institute


Architecture is not only for architects. For an architecture to be properly implemented, a variety of stakeholders must be informed about the architecture and its roadmap. At Statoil, we have used the corporate management system to reach out to architecture stakeholders, and in this session, we take a look at how this is done and the lessons we have learned from this process. We also take a look at future plans for improving the management system and how this influences architecture communication. Our key focus area for future improvements is based on personalization as well as how best to deliver the right content to the right recipient. Additionally, we also plan to look at how integration between the corporate management system and the architecture governance and communication can be improved. 

This presentation was given at SATURN 2011 in Burlingame, CA.