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Why Is R&D in the Cyber and Software Engineering Environment Different? (SSTC 2010)

  • April 2010
  • By Terry W. Roberts
  • Terry Roberts addresses why R&D in cyber and software engineering is different, how to research the federal lab landscape for opportunities, and how focus our R&D initiatives.
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  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract

    The days of primarily hardware-centric, proprietary systems have rapidly transitioned to system of system (SOS) and ultra-large systems in netted environments. These SOS architectures now form the foundation for the cyber environment, within which we conduct all of our societal, economic, infrastructure, industry, defense and intelligence key functions, and work. 

    The dynamics of this arena, this science, are like no other for many reasons. And those dynamics dictate different approaches for conducting game-changing R&D – R&D that is not occurring in a comprehensive, thoughtful way – through effective partnerships between government, industry and academia. 

    In this keynote presentation from the 2010 Systems & Software Technology conference (SSTC), Terry Roberts discusses

    • Why R&D in cyber and software engineering is different
    • How to research the Federal lab landscape for opportunities
    • Where and how to focus our R&D initiatives
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