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SEI Technologies Forum: Smart Grid Maturity Model: A Vision for the Future of Smart Grid

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    The smart grid represents a whole new framework for improved management of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. A reliable, secure energy supply is vital to our economy, our security, and our well being. With the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, the SEI is the steward of the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM), a management tool for the utility industry to plan their smart grid journey. This presentation will offer insight into the past year's use of the SGMM and show how utilities are working with the model. The presentation will also describe the release of the SGMM V1.2 Product Suite. As more and more utilities around the globe participate and the SGMM experience base grows, the SGMM becomes an increasingly valuable resource for helping to inform the industry's smart grid transformation.

    David White

    White is a member of the Resilient Enterprise Management (REM) team in the CERT Program at the SEI. The REM team performs research and development in the areas of operational resilience, critical infrastructure protection, and smart grid deployment. He is the project manager and a core member of the development team for the SEI Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM), a business tool to assist utilities in planning and tracking progress on their grid modernization efforts. White is also a core member of the development team for the CERT Resilience Management Model (RMM), a process improvement model that provides guidelines for converging and managing security and business continuity from an operational risk perspective. He is an instructor for the Introduction to the CERT Resilience Management Model course and a lead appraiser for the RMM capability appraisal method. He has a bachelor's and a master's degree in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. White is currently based in New York City.

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