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A Simple and Flexible Specification for an Enterprise Architecture Practice (SATURN 2009)

May 2009 Presentation
David Cuyler

David Cuyler describes a simple and flexible enterprise architecture practiced by Sandia National Laboratories that is designed to mitigate the tendency towards "too much information" in this SATURN 2009 workshop.


Software Engineering Institute



This presentation describes a simple and flexible enterprise architecture practice employed by Sandia National Laboratories that is designed to help mitigate the tendency toward "too much information." The practice provides enterprise architects with a framework and principles that guide their work and defines an overall process for enterprise architecture, the outputs of which are the following: as-is (baseline) and to-be (target) descriptions of business, information systems, and technology architectures, the interactions and alignments within and among these architectures, and a road map for transforming the enterprise from the baseline to the target state. The architecture descriptions identify the scope and bounds of the enterprise, characterize enterprise stakeholders and the strategic intent of the enterprise toward them, describe the current state of the enterprise, and recommend a future state that facilitates the realization of the enterprise strategic intent. The roadmap, in turn, defines a transition plan to guide progress toward the target architecture and provides methods to measure progress during the transition. The work products of enterprise architecture are intended to provide concise, relevant, timely, and accurate information to decision makers and program managers regarding the realization of the desired future state of the enterprise.