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Raytheon's Architecture Journey (SATURN 2006)

April 2006 Presentation
Rolf Siegers (Raytheon Intelligence & Information Systems)

Keynote address made by Rolf Siegers at SATURN 2006, in which Siegers discusses Raytheon and its institutionalization of architecture as a formal practice throughout the company.


Software Engineering Institute



Raytheon began an "architecture journey" several years ago to institutionalize architecture as a formal practice throughout the company. Corporate Engineering's senior leadership defined a vision to address a set of software, systems, and enterprise architecture needs across Raytheon's multiple business areas.

Since then, Raytheon has enhanced its architecture competencies through a variety of corporate initiatives including:

  • Establishing a corporate Architecture Review Board (ARB)
  • Establishing a company-wide, standardized architecting process
  • Definition and deployment of an architecture training program
  • Definition and deployment of an internal Raytheon Certified Architect Program (RCAP)
  • Participation in external architect certification programs
  • Development of reference architectures
  • In-depth analyses of the latest architecture tools
  • Establishing a corporately accessible architecture repository
  • Establishing company-wide, architecture-centric Technical Interest Groups (TIGs)
  • Collaborations with academic, industry and government organizations