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Managing Scale and Agility: Transformational Architecture for the Smart Grid

May 2010 Presentation
Wayne Longcore (Consumers Energy)

In this SATURN 2010 keynote speech, Wayne Longcore talks about the use of the Agile Architecture methodology that his team employed to create the Smart Grid.


Software Engineering Institute


The world’s largest machine is not a mining truck, a space shuttle or a luxury cruise ship—and many of us interact with it every single day. The North American Power Grid, a magnificent achievement of the 20th century, was created back when carburetors were first put in cars. Today, much as a single hybrid vehicle has dozens of computers and sophisticated controls to optimize its energy usage, intelligently managing storage and navigation of the world’s largest machine is becoming more efficient, capable, and intelligent. Wayne Longcore will speak on the use of the Agile Architecture methodology that his team employs to create the first true instantiation of a high-functioning Ultra-Large-Scale System—the Smart Grid. Wayne will also discuss the work of the national and international standards communities in the areas of systems theory, security, and controls, as he provides a truly thought-provoking vision of the future.