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The Covert Use of Architecture in Rapid Product Development

May 2011 Presentation
Robert Curry

This presentation from SATURN 2011 outlines Agile and architectural principles used in product development.


Software Engineering Institute


Over the past few years, the term “architecture” has become somewhat tarnished in some circles due to early over-promising and under-delivering of capabilities. Program managers have learned that having an architect or two around may result in numerous indecipherable diagrams and dense terminology that seem to have no direct bearing on their need to develop a new product.

That said, the use of architecture perspectives in system design can provide real value to a program and is vital to the development of effective systems of even moderate complexity. The challenge for the architect is to recognize this situation and make the best of it. Through some examples, this presentation suggests how architecture principles can be used covertly in rapid development environments without the team being aware that they created an architecture description until the end of the project.