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Architecting for Highly Available, Scalable, and Reliable Mission-Critical Applications (SATURN 2009)

May 2009 Presentation
Diego Dagum

Diego Dagum offers effective guidance for dealing with mission-critical attributes ‹ such as scalability, fault-tolerance, resiliency, and performance, in an organization.


Software Engineering Institute



Mission-critical applications are vital for the normal flow of operations in any organization. This range of applications is characterized by a series of attributes, such as scalability, fault-tolerance, resiliency, and performance. While it's pretty easy to get any of these attributes in isolation, meeting all them together is not a straightforward process. It typically happens that, when applying techniques intended to maximize—let's say—scalability, performance might be eroded; performance enhancement may cut graceful degradation capabilities, and so forth. This session explores all those tradeoffs, offering effective guidance to deal with mission-critical attributes altogether. After attending this session, the attendee will be able to identify those friction points, applying integral techniques in order to maximize the fulfillment of those attributes at once. This session also offers health checking techniques for diagnostics, to guarantee that quality-of-service agreements are being fulfilled.