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CMMI Version 1.3 Product Suite

  • February 2009
  • By Michael D. Konrad4405, Rusty Young3137
  • In this 2009 webinar, Michael D. Konrad and Rusty Young discuss CMMI Version 1.3 and the changes that it will bring to the entire CMMI Product Suite.
  • CMMI Process Improvement
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Please note that current and future CMMI research, training, and information has been transitioned to the CMMI Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University.
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  • Abstract

    In this webinar session, Mike Konrad, manager of the CMMI Model Team and CMMI Chief Architect, and Rusty Young, manager of the SCAMPI Appraisal Team, will discuss CMMI Version 1.3. Version 1.3 will include updates to the entire CMMI Product Suite and will focus on, but not be limited to:      

    1. Clarity of high maturity
    2. More effective generic practices
    3. Appraisal efficiencies
    4. Commonality across the constellations: Development, Acquisition, and Services

    This webinar will be the final in-depth communication on Version 1.3 before the change request period is closed. Change requests that are submitted before March 2, 2009 for CMMI-DEV, CMMI-ACQ, and CMMI-SVC constellations will be reviewed as part of this project. As plans are finalized, more information about CMMI Version 1.3 will become available on the SEI website. The date of the Version 1.3 release is not yet definite, but is likely in 2010.

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