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Software Process Automation: Experiences from the Trenches

July 1996 Technical Report
Alan M. Christie, Linda Levine, Edwin J. Morris, David Zubrow, Teresa Belton (Nolan Norton and Company), Larry Proctor (Nolan Norton and Company), Denis Cordelle (Cap Gemini Segoti), Jean-Eloi Ferotin (Cap Gemini Segoti), Jean-Philippe Solvay (Cap Gemini Segoti)

This 1996 report documents an empirical study that documented practical experiences related to software process automation and to identify what works and what does not.


Software Engineering Institute

CMU/SEI Report Number



Software process automation is a new technology with significant promise. However, practical experience in the field is still limited and there appears to be a variety of potential barriers to its use. The objective of this empirical study is to document current practical experience and to identify what works and what does not. Lessons learned from the study will be disseminated to help others who wish to implement the technology. This report documents results from the first phase of the study in which 14 in-depth interviews were conducted. Personnel interviewed were involved in projects in which process-centered environments were developed and adopted.