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Transitioning Domain Analysis: An Industry Experience

June 1996 Technical Report
Karen Schnell, Nathan Zalman, A. Bhatt

This report provides an industry example in the planning and execution of a research project using feature-oriented domain analysis (FODA).


Software Engineering Institute

CMU/SEI Report Number



This report provides an industry experience in the planning and execution of a research project to pilot the use of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) (domain analysis methodology known as feature-oriented domain analysis (FODA). Supported by examples, experiences, and lessons learned from the industry pilot study conducted by Nortel in collaboration with the SEI, this report addresses seven key areas: (1) Nortel's motivation for change; (2) defining the problem area and the search for a range of solution possibilities and/or approaches; (3) obtaining sponsorship, participants, and funding; (4) development of the project plan and contract; (5) implementation of the project plan for the pilot study; (6) completion and closure of the pilot study; and (7) the transition and deployment of FODA.