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Proceedings of the SEI/MCC Symposium on the Use of COTS in Systems Integration

June 1995 Special Report
Reviewer Alan W. Brown, David J. Carney, M. McFalls

These report includes the presentations and main highlights from the discussions of the SEI/MCC Symposium on the Use of COTS in Systems Integration, held at the SEI in January 1995.


Software Engineering Institute

CMU/SEI Report Number



The SEI/MCC Symposium on the Use of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) in Systems Integration took place at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on January 10-11, 1995. The symposium focused on two key points: the Department of Defense need for integrated systems, and its increasing reliance on acquiring software through commercial sources. The interrelationships between these points formed the conceptual basis for this symposium. These proceedings provide a record of the presentations and some of the main highlights from the discussions. The main body of this report is a set of notes from each of the panels.