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Reference Model for Project Support Environments (Version 2.0)

November 1993 Technical Report
Alan W. Brown, David J. Carney, Tricia Oberndorf, M. Zelkowitz (University of Maryland)

The goal of the PSE Standards Working Group is to provide an interface standard that can be used by project managers as an aid in procuring or assembling a PSE for a particular project or organization. The first step towards this goal is establishing a reference model that describes the full scope of functionality that is expected of a PSE.


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The U.S. Navy has embarked on the next Generation Computer Resources (NGCR) program to fulfill its need for standard computing resources. The program revolves around the selection of interface standards in six areas. The interface standards will be based on existing industry standards with multi-vendor support. The objective is to restructure the Navy's approach to take better advantage of commercial advances and to reduce cost and duplication of computer resources. This document is part of the NGCR program.