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Performance and ADA Style for the AN/BSY-2 Submarine Combat System

December 1992 Technical Report
Neal Altman, Patrick Donohoe

This 1992 report describes the effect of Ada coding style on the execution performance of Ada programs.


Software Engineering Institute

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The performance of programs prepared with the Verdix ADA Development System (VADS) was measured and analyzed for programmers preparing a large ADA system. Using standard ADA benchmark suites (ACEC, AES and PIWG) and a representative Motorola 68030 target system as a source of data, questions were posed and answered about programming alternatives, based on the measured performance of the compiler. The questions included in the report were extracted from a much larger set selected from an analysis of the BSY-2 Style Guide and augmented with additional questions suggested by SEI experience. The derivation of the questions and the template for the performance analysis sections are presented as appendices.