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Proceedings of the CASE Management Workshop

September 1992 Technical Report
Cliff C. Huff, Dennis B. Smith, Edwin J. Morris, Paul Zarrella

This report summarizes the proceedings of the 1992 CASE Management Workshop. At this workshop, SEI affiliates discussed management topics such as CASE acquisition policy, the limits of CASE tools, CASE and metrics, and CASE tool selection.


Software Engineering Institute

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The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Technology Project sponsored a workshop to address a number of key CASE management issues. The workshop was held at the SEI in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 19-20, 1991. At the workshop, a representative group of SEI affiliates from industry, government, and academia discussed among themselves such management topics as CASE acquisition policy, what CASE tools can and cannot do, CASE and metrics, and CASE tool selection. The results of these discussions are summarized in this report.