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A Description of Cluster Code Generated by the Durra Compiler

December 1991 Technical Report
Dennis N. Doubleday, Michael J. Gardner, Charles B. Weinstock

This document helps Durra application developers acquire an understanding of the concepts necessary to be effective Durra application debuggers.


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Durra is a language and support environment for the specification and execution of distributed ADA applications. The Durra programmer specifies the distribution of application components by assigning them to virtual nodes called clusters. For each cluster named in an application description, the Durra compiler generates an ADA package body with a standardized format. Within the confines of the format, the content of the package body varies according to the requirements placed on the cluster by the Durra application description. The cluster-specific package body is compiled and linked with a fixed set of ADA compilation units, common to all clusters, to form a multitasking ADA program. The intended audience for this document is Durra application developers, who will need an understanding of the concepts presented here to be effective Durra application debuggers.