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Evaluation of ADA Environments, Executive Summary

March 1987 Technical Report
Nelson W. Weiderman, Neal Altman, Mark W. Borger, Mark H. Klein, Stefan F. Landherr, Roger Smeaton, Rich D'Ippolito, John Kochmar, Alice Sun

This 1987 report provides a detailed description of the Ada Environments methodology and examples of its usage.


Software Engineering Institute

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This report provides a detailed description of the methodology and examples of its usage. Chapter 1 gives an extended cross-environment analysis of the results of the project. For each of five experiment groups, it compares three APSEs. The chapter provides an overview of the results of all the experiments and is written for the technical manager. Chapter 2 describes in detail the methodology used for evaluating the environments, along with some of the background information and references to previous work in environment evaluation. Chapters 3 through 8 provide detailed descriptions of the six experiment groups. Here one can find the information on particular criteria, questions, and life cycle activities that were tested for each experiment, as well as test scripts, checklists, and resulting data that were collected.