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SATURN 2014 Presentations

  • Presentations from the program of SATURN 2014 (May 5-9, 2014 in Portland, Oregon)
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • This collection was created for a conference series or symposium and does not necessarily reflect the positions and views of the Software Engineering Institute.
  • In 2014, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference celebrates its 10th year. Each year, SATURN attracts an international audience of practicing software architects, industry thought leaders, developers, technical managers, and researchers to share ideas, insights, and experience about effective architecture-centric practices for developing and maintaining software-intensive systems. Browse slide presentations from SATURN 2014 below.

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  • Approaching Security from an "Architecture First" Perspective May 2014 Author(s): Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii), Jungwoo Ryoo (Pennsylvania State University), Humberto Cervantes (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The results of our case studies indicate that a strategic, system-wide, architectural approach to security, implemented through the partial or full adoption of security frameworks, results in the best outcome.
  • Archinotes: A Global Agile Architecture Design Tool May 2014 Author(s): Juan Urrego (Universidad de los Andes), Dario Correal (Universidad de los Andes) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Demonstrates the main features of Archinotes and presents its main benefits for an organization with geographically dispersed teams.
  • BI/Big Data Reference Architectures and Case Studies May 2014 Author(s): Serhiy Haziyev (SoftServe, Inc.), Olha Hrytsay (SoftServe, Inc.) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters explore reference architectures that address the challenges of Big Data.
  • Combining Architectural Methods to Build a Reference Architecture for Ground Radar Monitoring Systems May 2014 Author(s): Alejandro Bianchi (Liveware IS S.A.), Andres Diaz-Pace (UNICEN University), Leonardo Seminara (Liveware IS S.A.), Gustavo De Souza (INVAP S.E.) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The experiences of creating a Reference Software Architecture (RSA) for an Argentine R&D company in the domain of ground radar monitoring (GRM) systems.
  • The Costing View of Architecture May 2014 Author(s): Eltjo Poort (CGI) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Delivery Breakdown View helps architects address important cost-related concerns and communicate the resolution of these concerns to stakeholders.
  • Creating a Sustainable Architecture Organization May 2014 Author(s): William Beshilas (PwC) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenter discusses a framework that can assess how well an architecture organization understands its environment and determine if it is meeting the needs of the organization.
  • Engineering Velocity: Continuous Delivery at Netflix May 2014 Author(s): Dianne Marsh (Netflix) Presentation at SATURN 2014. This talk describes components of Netflix's continuous delivery platform--much of which is open source--and how Netflix tests resiliency.
  • Expanding Legacy Systems Using Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) May 2014 Author(s): William Smith (Northrop Grumman), Kevin Nguyen (Northrup Grummon) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Managing technical debt while expanding the capabilities of an existing system; using MDE to reflect the combined architecture of legacy and new systems; experience, pitfalls, and results.
  • Experience of Combining QAW and Social Listening for Better Architecture May 2014 Author(s): Seung Ho Nam (Samsung Korea) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The authors involve customers in Quality Attribute Workshops by building a data analysis system for a social network service.
  • Facilitating the Mini-Quality Attributes Workshop May 2014 Author(s): Will Chaparro (IBM), Michael Keeling (Vivisimo) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters describe the mini-QAW, provide concrete examples, and share advice for facilitating workshops based on our experiences conducting mini-QAWs.
  • For Maximum Awesome May 2014 Author(s): Joe Justice (Scrum, Inc., & Team Wikispeed) This SATURN 2014 presenter explains how Wikispeed's 100-MPG car was built in three months through object-oriented design and Agile project management.
  • How to Incorporate Software Architecture into Your Business Model May 2014 Author(s): Tim Kertis (Raytheon) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Provides an overview of experiences and lessons learned as Raytheon, technology leader and fourth largest defense contractor in the world, takes on the challenge of incorporating software architecture into the business model.
  • Identifying and Protecting Architecturally Significant Code May 2014 Author(s): Mehdi Mirakhorli (DePaul University), Jane Cleland-Huang (DePaul University) Presentation at SATURN 2014. This talk demonstrates how software-development organizations can utilize Archie to integrate architecture awareness into their developers' daily programming and testing activities.
  • Impact of Architecture on Continuous Delivery May 2014 Author(s): Russell Miller (SunView Software, Inc.) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The speaker has been leading the construction of a SaaS application. This presentation highlights key lessons learned.
  • Integrating Enterprise Architecture May 2014 Author(s): Voytek Janisz (Progressive Insurance) Presentation at SATURN 2014. This presentation presents a practical approach to implementing integrated enterprise architecture at a large organization. Specific tools, frameworks, and languages serve only as a context for this experience-based story.
  • Is Your Team Instrument Rated (Or: Deploying 89,000 Times a Day) May 2014 Author(s): J. Paul Reed (Release Engineering Approaches) Presentation at SATURN 2014. This talk examines a large operational system—the airspace system—as an analogy to implementing a DevOps culture in the software industry.
  • Metrics for Simplifying and Standardizing Enterprise Architecture: An Experience Report for an Oil and Gas Organization May 2014 Author(s): Alexis Ocampo (Ecopetrol), Jens Heidrich (Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering), V. Basili (University of Maryland) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The Software Product Quality Model developed for Ecopetrol and its application and visualization on real software systems of Ecopetrol's enterprise architecture.
  • The New Era of Integrated Software Delivery with DevOps May 2014 Author(s): Sujatha Perepa (IBM) Presentation at SATURN 2014. In the era of Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies, we must embrace innovative methods of software delivery, such as DevOps.
  • Past, Present, and Future of APIs for Mobile and Web Apps May 2014 Author(s): Ole Lensmar (SmartBear Software) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The presenter describes technology trends in APIs and advises on technology and implementation choices for providers and consumers.
  • Service Variability in Multi-Tenant Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review on the State of Practice, Limitations, and Prospects May 2014 Author(s): Ouh Eng Lieh (National University of Singapore) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters discuss how choices regarding service architecture affect service variability and the cost of supporting a service, as well as positive and negative impacts of architectural choices on service variability.
  • Sink or Swim: Enhancing Pipe-and-Filter Diagrams May 2014 Author(s): Ivan Gevirtz (Google) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters discuss "Sink or Swim," a specialization of the pipe-and-filter architectural style.
  • Software Architecture Community of Practice at Raytheon May 2014 Author(s): Sunitha Vallabhaneni (Raytheon Intelligence), Douglas Dusseau (Raytheon), Keith Nolan (Raytheon) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Establishing a new training program and creating an environment in which software architecture community of practices effectively form and flourish.
  • Software Architecture in the Presales Process May 2014 Author(s): Humberto Cervantes (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Architecture practices provide great value in the presales process.
  • Teaching Architecture Metamodel-First May 2014 Author(s): George Fairbanks (Google) Presentation at SATURN 2014. A novel approach to teaching software architecture based on metamodels.
  • Transparency: An Architecture Principle for Socio-Technical Ecosystems May 2014 Author(s): Felix Bachmann, Linda M. Northrop Presentation at SATURN 2014. The authors report efforts to increase productivity in a collaboration environment by increasing transparency using automated support.
  • Under N: Acceptance to Delivery in N Hours (SATURN 2014) May 2014 Author(s): Umashankar Velusamy (Verizon Communications, Inc.) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters discuss Under-N methodology, a framework to uncover hidden capabilities within IT applications and IT application teams.
  • Understanding Reference Models and Reference Architectures May 2014 Author(s): Chris Armstrong (Armstrong Process Group, Inc.) Presentation at SATURN 2014. The speaker presents industry-standard best practices for using reference models for categorizing architecture content.
  • What Happens When You Break All the Rules? May 2014 Author(s): Harald Wesenberg (Statoil ASA), Jorn Olmheim (Statoil), Einar Landre (Statoil ASA) Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters address some questions facing software architects and use project experience to illustrate learnings.