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Using Software Development Tools and Practices in Acquisition

December 2013 Technical Note
Harry L. Levinson, Richard Librizzi

This technical note provides an introduction to key automation and analysis techniques.


Software Engineering Institute

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Acquiring software-reliant systems from an external resource can be time consuming, costly, and often unreliable. During independent technical assessments and customer engagements, the Software Engineering Institute observed many contractors who are not utilizing mature, readily available software development tools when creating code for government programs. These tools include static analysis, test automation, and peer review techniques. In addition to the aforementioned tools being important for software developers, they offer significant insight and confidence to customers who acquire software products.
There are many benefits from making these tools and practices integral to software development and acquisition processes, including:

  • reduced risk: programs deliver more predictably
  • improved customer satisfaction: products developed experience fewer field defects
  • lower cost of ownership: programs experience lower life-cycle maintenance costs when deployed operationally

This technical note provides an introduction to key automation and analysis techniques, the use of which the authors contend will benefit motivated acquirers and developers.