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Using the Technology Readiness Levels Scale to Support Technology Management in the DoD's ATD/STO Environments (A Findings and Recommendations Report Conducted for Army CECOM)

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    In early 2002, the Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) Manager of the Army Tactical Wireless Network Assurance (TWNA) Science and Technology Objective (STO) FY03-07, hereafter referred to as STO, requested assistance from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in improving STO methods for assessing the maturity of new information-assurance technologies. The STO was seeking to use technology maturity, as measured by the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) scale, as a metric in its decision-making process for selecting new technologies for STO development and maturation, technologies that would eventually be transitioned to Army tactical programs. This report describes the results of the SEI study of the feasibility of (a) using TRLs in STO technology screening, (b) developing or acquiring a TRL tool, and (c) implementing a TRL tool.

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