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Serverless Continuous Delivery with Azure DevOps

May 2019 Presentation
Thijmen de Gooijer (Kommuninvest)

This presentation describes how small teams can use Azure DevOps as a simple and cheap way to deliver serverless applications quickly and avoid integration hassles.


Software Engineering Institute




As technical lead or architect, you want to deliver features frequently. Unfortunately, getting started with CI/CD and DevOps can be daunting. There are a many tools and services to choose from, and you can spend a lot of time configuring and maintaining a toolchain. We want to tell you what is great about having Azure DevOps as our only tool for the entire delivery chain but also about the workarounds that we had to take.

We had a greenfield opportunity at a small firm living with a Microsoft and Windows legacy. We went all in on Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service, now rebranded Azure DevOps, and we develop serverless applications in Azure. We’ll show you how we deploy with a few clicks. Having a single tool saves us from integration hassle, and having it in the cloud removes responsibility but does come with downtime. Yet, overall Azure DevOps is a simple and cheap way for small teams to deliver quickly. We not only achieved full automation of builds and deploys for our new serverless apps but also began replicating our success to delivery of legacy applications. Learn from our experience to speed up your development process.