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Blockchain Is the Answer—Redux

May 2019 Presentation
Harald Wesenberg (Equinor)

This presentation will help you navigate the blockchain hype, determine whether blockchains could benefit your project, and consider secure blockchain implementations.


Software Engineering Institute




At my SATURN 2018 presentation, “Blockchain Is the Answer. What Was the Question Again?” I introduced the architecture quality attributes we use in Statoil (now Equinor) to evaluate blockchain projects and architectures. In this talk, I give an update on our attributes based on what we have learned since last year, as well as introduce new attributes on

  • security
  • privacy
  • ecosystem
  • development team
  • testability
  • private vs. public implementations
  • integration
  • and more

This talk is intended to help you navigate the blockchain hype and determine whether blockchains are a true benefit to your project and, if so, what to consider for a good, secure blockchain implementation.