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Modernizing Legacy Systems to Virtual, Cloud-Based, Software-Defined Infrastructures

May 2019 Presentation
Rajesh Murthy (GapAsk, Inc.)

This presentation describes our experience in transforming a legacy system into a modern modular system using the ATAM and ISO/IEC/IEEE 42030.


Software Engineering Institute




Enterprises assimilate, process, transform, and potentially disseminate all kinds of information to achieve business objectives. Such endeavors usually come from side-offshoot initiatives that become part of the core business. The amalgamation of these offshoot initiatives into the core business and growing the software systems usually results in a nice Italian buffet riding on top of minestrone soup. Modernization (legacy transformation) is a must and in most cases ends up as a death march.

We worked on one such large network information storage system, successfully modernizing it into a software-defined infrastructure using a Cisco UCS platform. Where the legacy system encountered at least one business discontinuity per day, since modernization four years ago, it has had only one major outage due to human error.

We will present our experience in helping transform the legacy system into a modern modular system using several approaches, primarily the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) and ISO/IEC/IEEE 42030. We hope to provide insight into this complex endeavor at a high level as well as some appreciation of how the ATAM and architecture evaluation can be used to direct the modernization of legacy systems.