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Developing an IIoT System Using Microservices and Its Architectural Evaluation Using ATAM

May 2019 Presentation
Sercan Çıdem (Aselsan)

This presentation describes the architecture development process of a product line for IoT infrastructure software and an architectural analysis based on the SEI ATAM.


Software Engineering Institute




Aselsan is developing new IoT infrastructure software using a microservices approach and edge computing practices. The development is being performed as a product line, so end products will be utilized for energy management systems, pipeline monitoring systems, and gas and water distribution systems. Edge devices are being developed using embedded Linux, and MQTT is used as the main backbone of edge services. The monitoring and control system of this product is being developed with favorite microservices technologies like Apache Storm, Rabbit MQ message queue, Redis, Elastic Search, and a Docker container. The first deployment of this product line was just deployed to Istanbul as Electric Distribution System Monitoring.

This presentation will describe the architecture development process of the product line together with an architectural analysis based on the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) of the product line architecture. Risks, sensitivity points, and tradeoffs identified during scenario-based analysis will be presented. The presentation will conclude with experiences gathered from the field for the first deployment of the system.