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The Testing Infrastructure Freeway: An Infrastructure Architect's Journey

May 2019 Presentation
Bryan Osterkamp (USAA)

This presentation unpacks the tensions architects must manage when it comes to the needs and desires of various development and testing teams in an organization.


Software Engineering Institute




I will unpack the tensions architects have to manage when it comes to the needs and desires of various development and testing teams within an organization. I will discuss the journey I took moving from an application architect (who consumed infrastructure) to an infrastructure architect (who provided infrastructure for others to consume) and the framework to support both application and infrastructure architect needs (as well as development and testing teams desires).

Consider the Test Infrastructure as a Freeway approach! This talk is based on a blog post in which I explore this topic in my own career path. I will give real-world examples within a highly regulated financial services company (USAA) and how this approach has impacted developers and testers, support teams, and myself (the architect).

The approach is not about a particular technology, but rather the mental framework that can be utilized in any organization or technology stack. It can also be applied to other areas outside of testing architecture.

I will finish the talk discussing how the approach can impact other architects within an organization and how it helps to get those architects more focused on the quality attribute of testability for the applications they build.

I'd like for participants to walk away with the following:

  • Empathy as an architect for other’s needs
  • A mental framework that provides balance and room for experimentation and control where needed
  • Actionable next steps to institute the Testing Freeway in their own organizations