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Cybersecurity SLAs: Managing Requirements at Arm's Length

  • Abstract

    The CERT Symposium on Cyber Security Incident Management for Health Information Exchanges will be held June 26, 2013 at Carnegie Mellon University's Posner Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and bringing together representatives from a range of health information exchanges (HIEs), the symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss the cyber security challenges facing HIEs and will contribute to improving the overall state of practice. The symposium will also feature presentations by selected experts on topics such as

    • HIPAA compliance during a cyber security incident
    • cyber incident reporting and communications
    • cyber security service level agreements in HIEs
    • legal considerations for HIEs when managing a cyber security incident
    • continuity and how HIEs can support providers' incident management practices
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