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Secure Coding in C++: Strings

  • September 2006
  • By Robert C. Seacord
  • In this SD Best Practices 2006 presentation, Robert Seacord discusses strings and secure coding.
  • Secure Coding
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract

    This presentation was delivered by Robert Seacord at the SD Best Practices 2006 conference, held in Boston, MA from September 11-14, 2006. 

    The presentation assumes that participants have basic C++ programming skills but do not have in-depth knowledge of software security. The ideas it presents are generalized, but it includes examples specific to:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Linux/GCC
    • 32-bit Intel Architecture (IA-32)

    The material in this presentation was borrowed from the Addison-Wesley book, Secure Coding in C and C++. 

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