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Seventh International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt Collection

This collection includes presentations from the Seventh International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt. Participants shared approaches to software maintenance and evolution.


Software Engineering Institute


Technical debt is a metaphor that software developers and managers increasingly use to communicate key trade-offs related to time planning and quality issues. The Managing Technical Debt workshop series has, since 2010, brought together practitioners and researchers to discuss and define issues related to technical debt and how they can be studied. This collection includes presenations about tools for measuring and managing technical debt, application of financial theories, source code analysis, code smells, refactoring, decision making, and empirical industrial studies.

The workshop summary was published as Technical Debt: Broadening Perspectives Report on the Seventh Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (MTD 2015), ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Volume 41, Issue 2, March 2016, pages 38-41.

The proceedings are available at IEEE Xplore.

The presentation slides are linked below.

Collection Contents