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Measurement and Analysis Case Studies

This collection describes the results of our work to implement measurement and analysis in organizations.


Software Engineering Institute

This collection describes the results of our work to implement measurement and analysis in organizations.


Case Studies of Software Process Improvement Methods

December 1993

This report describes the case studies approach applied at a number of Siemens software development organizations to observe the impact of software process improvement methods.

Experiences in Implementing Measurement Programs

November 2001

This 2001 report describes lessons learned at several organizations that have implemented measurement programs using the Goal-Driven Software Measurement methodology.

Case Study: A Measurement Program for Product Lines

May 2004

This report documents NUWC's approach for measurement by describing the Goal-Driven Software Measurement approach and providing early results of the measurement program.

Deriving Enterprise-Based Measures Using the Balanced Scorecard and Goal-Driven Measurement Techniques

October 2003

This 2003 report describes the application of the balanced scorecard and goal-driven measurement methodologies to ways to measure an organization's health and performance.

The SEI and NAWC: Working Together to Establish a Software Measurement Program

December 1993

This 1993 report is meant to help organizations that desire to start a software measurement program or have been struggling with such a program by providing an example of one organization that has also struggled to establish a software measurement program.

A DoD Software Measurement Pilot: Applying the SEI Core Measures

May 1995

This 1995 report discusses observations, lessons learned, and recommendations from a DISA pilot effort to assess the issues involved in implementing a software measurement program across multiple sites and projects.

The Importance of Data Quality

October 2012

In this episode, Dave Zubrow discusses the importance of data quality and research that his team is undertaking in this area.