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Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium

  • This is a collection of materials related to the Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium.
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Cyber Intelligence Research Program

    Cyber intelligence—the acquisition and analysis of information to identify, track, and predict cyber capabilities, intentions, and activities to offer courses of action that enhance decision making—is vital to organizations that want to have a full understanding of their cyber environment and their exposure to threats. The SEI Cyber Intelligence Research Program brings together organizations from a variety of sectors to exchange ideas, and offers hands-on activities and workshops to learn from experts in the field. Contact us to learn more about

    • collaborative workshops on cyber intelligence technologies, trends, and techniques held in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC
    • annual capture-the-flag exercise to test your cyber intelligence skills in a simulated threat environment
    • prior-year exercises and workshop materials
    • training in cyber intelligence concepts
    • resources for cyber intelligence workforce development and technology scouting
    • awareness of analytical practices across government, industry, and academia
    • insight into the skills and capabilities of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) located at Carnegie Mellon University

    What Attendees Said About the 2016 Crisis Simulation Exercise

    I really enjoyed how the simulation mirrored a real life scenario.

    The technical aspects of the simulation are relevant to my daily work.

    I thought this was a fantastic experience and exercise. I look forward to attending next year's simulation!

    I really enjoyed the simulation. I am looking forward to attending future simulations and I will definitely recommend this simulation to others.