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Smart Grid Maturity Model Assets Collection, Version 1.2

  • These are the assets related to version 1.2 of the Smart Grid Maturity Model.
  • Smart Grid Maturity Model
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Created by a coalition of utilities, the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) is maintained by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) as a resource for utility industry transformation. Utilities can leverage this management tool to ensure that all aspects of transformation planning are considered, prioritize their options, and measure their progress as they move toward the realization of a smart grid.
    The SEI SGMM product suite consists of the following elements:

    • The SGMM is a model of smart grid maturity in an electric power utility. Assessment of a utility's characteristics against the model provides a view of the utility's current state of smart grid maturity per domain, according to the model's maturity levels. Utilities can use this information to generate inputs into their smart grid roadmapping, planning, and implementation process.
    • The SGMM Matrix offers a summary view of the model domains and expected characteristics in each domain and at each maturity level.
    • Utilities use the SGMM Compass Assessment Survey to walk them through the SGMM and characterize the status of their smart grid implementations. Completing the survey and having it scored provides the utility with a maturity level for each domain in the model.
    • The five-step SGMM Navigation process helps utility organizations chart a technical, organizational, and operational path through their grid modernization effort.