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Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics

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    This webinar provides insights into effective metrics programs in government settings where an Agile approach is used for development and sustainment of software-reliant systems. Based on research and the experience of the SEI Agile In Government team, the webinar addresses three critical elements of successful metrics programs:
    •    Exercising due care in collecting and using data
    •    Accommodating perspectives of multiple socio-technical systems
    •    Using automation appropriately in data collection and analysis

    What Attendees Will Learn

    •    Important perspectives on Lean and Agile that drive different metrics
    •    Examples of metrics well suited to Agile program management
    •    Illustrations of metrics that are counterproductive for Agile programs
    •    Contrasts in metrics suited to different domains (e.g., IT modernization, Embedded Weapons, and Internal R&D projects)


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