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UAV and Service Robot Coordination for Indoor Object Search Tasks

  • Abstract

    This conference paper appears in the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Workshop on Autonomous Mobile Service Robots (July 2016).

    Our CoBot robots have successfully performed a variety of service tasks in our multi-building environment including accompanying people to meetings and delivering objects to offices due to its navigation and localization capabilities. However, they lack the capability to visually search over desks and other confined locations for an object of interest. Conversely, an inexpensive GPS-denied quad- copter platform such as the Parrot ARDrone 2.0 could perform this object search task if it had access to reasonable localization.  In this paper, we pro- pose the concept of coordination between CoBot and the Parrot ARDrone 2.0 to perform service- based object search tasks, in which CoBot localizes and navigates to the general search areas carrying the ARDrone and the ARDrone searches locally for objects. We propose a vision-based moving target navigation algorithm that enables the ARDrone to localize with respect to CoBot, search for objects, and return to the CoBot for future searches. We demonstrate our algorithm in indoor environments on several search trajectories.

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