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Certifiable Distributed Runtime Assurance

  • October 2017
  • By Dionisio de Niz
  • Presentation on research on the use of enforcers for runtime assurance in distributed systems
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract

    In this work, we are addressing those challenges in the context of distributed real-time systems (DRTS) by creating tools and techniques to

    • express enforceable policies in multiple domains, including logical and timing correctness
    • verify correctness of an enforcer implementation against its policy
    • combine multiple enforcers and resolve any inconsistencies between their behavior
    • verify that enforcers across multiple nodes of DRTS implement a global safety policy
    • deploy enforcers so that they cannot be circumvented by a well-defined attacker (e.g., one that has control of one/more monitored components)

    We are validating our results on DoD-relevant examples.

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