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CSIRT Resources

  • These resources help you create and maintain a CSIRT, staff and train CSIRTs, and describe common issues CSIRTs face. Also included is information governments can use to develop and manage National CSIRTs.

  • Resources for Creating a CSIRT January 2017 Author(s): These resources help you to get started when creating a new CSIRT.
  • Operating and Staffing a CSIRT February 2013 Author(s): This collection provides resources useful to the operation and technical issues that CSIRTs must deal with.
  • NatCSIRT Resources September 2014 Author(s): This collection contains information that governments can use to develop a National Computer Security Incident Response Team (NatCSIRT).
  • Incident Management Resources September 2014 Author(s): These resources cover many aspects of incident management in CSIRTs, NatCSIRTs, and beyond.
  • Competency Development and Workforce Readiness August 2014 Author(s): The following publications relate to competency development and workforce readiness.
  • Security and Ontology Resources January 2017 Author(s): This research explores controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, and ontologies to make progress toward a science of cybersecurity.