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Finding Your Way in DevOps

  • This gathering of SEI digital content materials provides essential information about the adoption of DevOps practices, including insights about security.

  • SEI Cyber Minute: DevOps for Better Software Build January 2017 Author(s): Hasan Yasar Watch Hasan Yasar in this SEI Cyber Minute as he discusses "DevOps for Better Software Build".
  • Secure DevOps January 2017 Author(s): The DevOps team delivers innovative engineering methods and solutions to challenging cybersecurity problems.
  • SEI Cyber Minute: Secure DevOps September 2016 Author(s): Aaron Volkmann Aaron Volkmann discusses "Secure Devops."
  • Continuous Integration (Secure DevOps) July 2016 Author(s): Hasan Yasar Learn how to better identify process improvements at your organization through new perspectives on secure software development and delivery.
  • Integrating Security in DevOps June 2017 Author(s): Hasan Yasar In this podcast, Hasan Yasar discusses how Secure DevOps attempts to shift the paradigm for tough security problems from following rules to creatively determining solutions.