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Django & Twitter Bootstrap in the Workplace: Build 'em Fast and Furious

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    The modern web developer has an unenviable task. Users have become familiar with popular web applications and expect perfect uptime, bug-free experiences, a simple and intuitive UI, and perfect security. Fortunately, the proliferation of high-quality frameworks for virtually everything—frontend, backend, and infrastructure—has made the developer's job much easier. In this talk, I'll outline how my team used the Django web framework and Twitter Bootstrap to build a complete production reporting solution in less than three months. These tools are incredibly powerful and can save you hundreds of hours of work. We'll also discuss the tradeoffs associated with training and the impacts of choosing to train your team extensively or more sparsely on the tools you develop. After we describe the benefits of using Django and Bootstrap, we'll explain how to set up your team for success. We've had great success using these tools to quickly build complex business applications and user-friendly, maintainable, modular web applications. You can too!

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