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Agile Architecture and Design

  • May 2017
  • By Pradyumn Sharma (Pragati Software Pvt Ltd)
  • This session provides examples from projects to help you understand how to establish an architecture for a system in an agile way while meeting requirements.
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  • Abstract

    Agile software development methodologies are now mainstream. But one nagging question that teams face is "How do we establish the architecture for a system in an agile way?" Architectural decisions have a key impact on various system qualities. Therefore, these decisions must be made early and carefully. How do you avoid BDUF while applying incremental and iterative agile methodologies, meeting architecture requirements, and mitigating risk? In this session, I will use concrete examples from real projects to cover

    • creating an architecture vision, including desired architectural qualities, during Sprint Zero
    • identifying strategies for achieving the desired architectural qualities, without creating an Ivory Tower architecture
    • prioritizing architectural qualities and adding them to the product backlog along with the functional requirements
    • implementing and verifying architectural qualities with the help of real stories from the product backlog
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