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Blending Product Thinking with Architecture

  • May 2017
  • By Joel Tosi (independent consultant)
  • Product Thinking is critical to avoid over-engineering a product. This session explores simple that help teams blend architecture with the need of the product.
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  • Abstract

    Too much design up front, and you could lose time. Not enough design, and your system could crumble in reality. How do you make the right decisions at the right time, and make them with due diligence? How do you embrace the cloud and microservices without risking different failure scenarios or overly complicated maintenance and ripple effects? Product Thinking—understanding the use and need—is critical to avoid over-engineering a product. In this session, we will walk through visualizations that help teams blend product thinking with architecture. Along the way, we will look at microservices, domain modeling, chaos engineering, and fault tolerance and how to emphasize the right strategy at the right time. You will leave this session with simple visualizations and approaches that you can apply immediately to start blending product with architecture, especially if your system will run the cloud.

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