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Software Solutions Symposium 2017 - Presentations

Presentations from the Software Solutions Symposium, held in Arlington, VA, March 20 - 23, 2017.


Software Engineering Institute

The Software Solutions Symposium is a forum for learning about emerging technologies and practical solutions that you can apply today for help with systemic software issues such as assurance, cost, and schedule.

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A Reverse Chronology of Evolutionary Architecture and Agile Development

March 2017

This presentation describes the development of an architecture-centric software development life cycle that allows for rapid and stable feature delivery.

Struggles at the Frontiers: Persistent Pursuit of Software Assurance in the Development and Sustainment of Defense Systems

March 2017

This presentation presents new processes, techniques, and tools being used to improve software assurance in the development and sustainment of defense systems.

The Relationship Between Design Flaws and Software Vulnerabilities: A Technical Debt Perspective

March 2017

This presentation explores the relationships between design flaws and software vulnerabilities, and their impact on software assurance and sustainable development and delivery.

A Tale of Two (Agile) Programs

March 2017

The SEI has worked with several government programs that are adopting Agile and Lean engineering approaches. In this presentation, we provide insights into two distinct patterns of adoption that we have seen in our work.

6 Things You Need to Know About Data Governance

March 2017

This presentation discusses a framework to guide governance decisions.

Using Malware Analysis to Identify Overlooked Security Requirements

March 2017

This presentation describes initial research conducted by CERT and Carnegie Mellon to determine if malware report databases were amenable to automated processing to identify flaws

Agile Project Success and Failure (The Story of the FBI Sentinel Program)

March 2017

This presentation describes how the FBI adopted Agile and succeeded after two failed attempts at building a $300 million case management system.

Applied Machine Learning in Software Engineering

March 2017

This presentation describes why software engineers should care about machine learning and how they can immediately benefit from it.

Keynote: A Perspective on Military Software Needs

March 2017

The commercial software industry is rapidly growing and creating disruptive technologies. How do we leverage the explosive growth in software capabilities for the military? What are the unique software challenges for the military?

Toward Successfully Navigating Large-Scale IT Modernization Efforts

March 2017

The authors of this presentation share their experiences developing and putting in place an IT roadmap for a large government organization, resulting in the implementation of an enterprise-wide shared data service.

Panel: Software Sustainment - Continuous Engineering to Deliver Warfighter Capability

March 2017

This technical panel focused on the DoD's software sustainment challenges and highlighted the key findings of the SEI's study of DoD software sustainment infrastructure.

Nationwide IT: A Software Process Improvement Journey

March 2017

By deploying and scaling a blend of Agile and Lean concepts, a unique team model, and fostering a problem solving and learning culture, Nationwide IT has produced significant business outcomes and demonstrated increasing employee engagement.

Agile in Government: A Research Agenda for Agile Software Development

March 2017

The SEI team working with Agile in government has built a rich narrative of Agile implementation experiences and now works with an extensive network of collaborators on fundamental research questions that dive deep into cause-and-effect mechanisms.

Testing in a Non-Deterministic World

March 2017

This presentation discusses sources of non-determinism, testing ramifications of non-determinism, and recommendations for testing in a non-deterministic world.

Methodology for Comparing Cloud Service Offerings

March 2017

This presentation describes a methodology for normalizing the offerings into common units of measure that are relevant to the procurer of the services.

Methodology for the Cost Benefit Analysis of a Large Scale Multi-phasic Software Enterprise Migration

March 2017

This presentation describes the methodology used by the SEI to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed migration of all Army software-based systems to a common operating environment (COE) and common software infrastructure.

Temporal Partitioning and Verification in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems

March 2017

This presentation describes innovations in the temporal protection of components that perform computations throughout multiple processors and have end-to-end timing requirements.

So Much Money for So Little Capability: The Reality of Sustaining DoD Software Systems

March 2017

This presentation identifies and explains some of the most significant factors that affect long-term software sustainment.

Measuring Complexity for System Safety Assurance

March 2017

This presentation describes a two-year research effort to define complexity measures for avionics systems in order to help the FAA identify when systems are too complex to assure their safety.

Security Measurement: Establishing Confidence that Security Is Sufficient

March 2017

The SEI is researching how measurement can be used to establish confidence in software security. This presentation shares our progress to date.

Improvements in Safety Analysis for Safety Critical Software Systems

March 2017

Recent advances in virtual system integration through architecture modeling and analysis have led to improvements in safety analysis in several ways, which will be described in this presentation.

Why Does Software Cost So Much? Toward a Causal Model (March 2017)

March 2017

This presentation shares early research results that may confirm some well-known drivers of DoD software cost and debunk others.

Risks in the Software Supply Chain

March 2017

This presentation describes the parts of the software supply chain, how vulnerabilities have been introduced, and the actions developers can employ to avoid or mitigate the risks inherent in an assembly-based software development strategy.

Keynote: Learning to Drive a C.A.R. at the U.S. Census Bureau

March 2017

Keynote address by Harry A. Lee, Assistant Director for Information Technology and Deputy CIO.

Replacing Promises with Data: A Structured Way to Assess Software Health

March 2017

Acquisition programs need a structured approach to evaluating the health of contractors' software projects. This presentation describes the Army Ground Combat Systems program's efforts in this area.

How to Minimize Configuration Switching Time and Cost for Design of Experiments

March 2017

This presentation shows how classical integer programming can be used to determine the least cost (that is, the quickest) order for test configurations.

Panel: Secure Software Workforce Development Panel Session

January 2017

This panel discussed programs designed to meet the growing need for software assurance professionals.

Building Secure Software for Mission Critical Systems

March 2017

This presentation explores the expanding landscape of vulnerabilities that accompanies the increasing reliance on software and then examines some key steps to help mitigate the increased risk.

Secure Tactical Cloudlets for Mission Support at the Edge

March 2017

This presentation introduces the architecture and features of tactical cloudlets and presents a solution for establishing trusted identities in disconnected environments based on the generation and exchange of secure keys in the field.