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Cybersecurity Engineering Research: Software Assurance Ecosystem Collection

  • These software assurance frameworks help organizations identify opportunities for improving operational assurance.
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Software Assurance Modeling Framework

    This framework builds a profile for an assurance capability area, such as vulnerability management, within an assurance quality such as security. The profile consists of many views developed using selected methods and models. From the analysis of these views, inefficiencies and candidate improvements for assurance

    Building Assured Systems Framework

    This framework addresses the customer and researcher challenges of selecting security methods and research approaches for building assured systems. This framework is also useful to CERT sponsors to track current research and development efforts in building assured systems.

    Survivability Analysis Framework

    This framework is a structured view of the people, activities, and technology that help organizations characterize the complexity of multi-system and multi-organizational business processes.

  • Software Assurance May 2014 Author(s): Nancy R. Mead, Dan Shoemaker (University of Detroit Mercy), Carol Woody In this book chapter, the authors discuss modern principles of software assurance and identify a number of relevant process models, frameworks, and best practices.
  • Improving Software Assurance July 2013 Author(s): Carol Woody, Robert J. Ellison In this paper, the authors discuss what practitioners should know about software assurance, where to look, what to look for, and how to demonstrate improvement.
  • Survivability Analysis Framework June 2010 Author(s): Robert J. Ellison, Carol Woody In this report, the authors describe the Survivability Analysis Framework, which is used to evaluate critical operational capabilities.
  • Survivability Assurance for System of Systems May 2008 Author(s): Robert J. Ellison, John B. Goodenough, Charles B. Weinstock, Carol Woody In this report, the authors describe the Survivability Analysis Framework, a structured view of people, process, and technology.