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Report Writer and Security Requirements Finder: User and Admin Manuals

  • Abstract

    This report presents instructions for using the Malware-driven Overlooked Requirements (MORE) website applications. The site enables requirements engineers and architects to bring the benefit of malware attack analysis to their own product development. They can examine reports of exploited vulnerabilities, frequently augmented by relevant misuse cases, use cases, and overlooked security requirements (MUO) that site contributors have posted. From this data they can search the site to identify security requirements suitable to their own projects. They can also contribute related content and new reports.

    Users can interact with the site through two applications documented here. The Security Requirement Finder (SERF) allows site contributors to build on malware exploit reports, add MUOs while referencing Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE). The Report Writer application connects to SERF and aids contributors in adding MUOs to the exploit reports.

    Instructions on performing these activities in both applications are presented here, as well as guides for performing admin tasks associated with the applications.Keywords: Malware-driven Overlooked Requirements, MORE, Common Weakness Enumeration, CWE

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