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UPDATE Your VIEW on DELETE: The Benefits of Event Sourcing

May 2016 Presentation
Sebastian von Conrad (Envato)

This talk explains what Event Sourcing is, how it differs from object-relational maps, and why you should consider using it, illustrated with practical examples.


Software Engineering Institute




With Event Sourcing, there is an alternative way to build web applications that is simple, scalable, extensible, and elegant without an object-relational map (ORM) anywhere in sight. As a bonus, we even get a free time machine.

Event Sourcing is a very old way of thinking about modeling—other industries have used it for centuries. Rather than modeling the current state of an object, we model the events that have changed it and derive the current state from the events. A canonical example is that the current state of your bank account balance is simply a calculation of all the debits and credits that have happened to the account.

This talk will explain what Event Sourcing is, how it differs from ORMs, and why you should consider using it. You will hear about practical examples that highlight differences and how you can incrementally move in this new direction.