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MarshmalloWars: A Gamification Experience

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    Gamification is a management technique that is growing and having great success. It brings motivation, engagement, and really quick results. Come with us, learn something about the concepts behind the methodology, and see how a software development team discovered this practice and used it in a great variety of problems and scenarios. And almost succumbed to the dark side ...

    Through the games, we can achieve unbelievable results, but sometimes individuals also turn to the dark side. After all, we are interacting with the passions of the people. This session covers the following topics:

    • What worked and what didn’t?
    • How does gamification work?
    • How can we identify the scenarios where the gamification will provide the best solution?
    • What types of games can we use?

    Also in this session, we invite you to experience gamification in practice and play a funny and engaging game. Learn and feel the power of the Force.

    Are you prepared?

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