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The Tale of Three ATAMs for the Same Project

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  • Abstract

    In the domain of Internet of Things connectivity and data processing for medical devices, an enterprise IT project of significant size was experiencing problems with reliability and performance. Three reviews were performed on this project, in various stages, using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM):

    1. an existing, old project with problems (an architecture grown over the years)
    2. a reference architecture to be considered as a replacement of the old architecture
    3. an implementation architecture that used specific cloud solutions and services

    This experience report contains lessons learned from

    • translating results of each ATAM into actionable changes in the organization
    • deriving technical decisions from each ATAM review
    • using ATAM results to help select solution, service, and technology providers
    • differences in the ATAM for the reference architecture and the ATAM for the specific implementation architecture
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