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Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL): SEI Resources

This page collects the SEI's resources on AADL, a modeling notation with semantics for representing the architecture of large-scale, software-intensive embedded systems.


Software Engineering Institute


Developed by a committee of experts led by the SEI's Peter Feiler and sponsored by SAE International, the Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) was approved and published as SAE Standard AS-5506 in November 2004. Version 2.1 of the standard was published in September 2012.

The AADL is designed for the specification, analysis, automated integration, and code generation of real-time, performance-critical, distributed computer systems. It supports the analysis of system designs before development and provides a model-based, model-driven development approach throughout the system lifecycle.

As an international industry standard, the avionics, aerospace, medical, nuclear, automotive, and robotics communities are increasingly using AADL to represent and analyze systems and systems of systems. You can find out more presentation materials and more details under the wiki section dedicated to the standardization committee works, and all publication materials related to AADL.

This page collects the SEI's resources on AADL.

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