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CYBURGH, PA: Using Process to Tame Technology

  • Abstract

    At the CYBURGH, PA Initiative event in February 2016, Pittsburgh area participants will discuss cybersecurity issues, solutions to them, and next steps. Cybersecurity challenges are grouped into three categories: those related to people, process, and technology. This article complements the process discussions, which center around the following:

    • Sharing cyber information with our peer organizations
    • Detecting and responding to the cyber incidents we face
    • Selecting and managing vendors in our supply chain
    • Identifying our trustworthy sources of threat intelligence
    • Communicating the value of cybersecurity to our Boards of Directors and other stakeholders
    • Framing cybersecurity as a facet of risk management (like other organizational challenges)
    • Measuring the effectiveness of our cybersecurity

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Published by Pittsburgh Technology Council

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